d0349675e9Thomas Warthe was born in Hattingen in 1976 and is responsible for the wide field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Hung Choy schools. Since 1990 he attends to the Hung Choy martial arts, in which he passed the black-belt examination five years later. In 2001 he took his examination to become an instructor. In 2008 he was appointed "Sifu". Through several seminars offered by the Zhou Jia schools, Thomas Warthe became interested in the Chinese art of healing.

This way he already took part in several Tui Na courses (Chinese massage) and initiations in TCM in 1995. From then on he decided that he wanted to take up a healing profession. This led to him starting an apprenticeship as a non-medical practitioner, which he finished successfully three years later. But he was still interested in the field of TCM. So he decided to travel to China, where the origin of TCM lies. In spring 2002 he took part in a further education in Shanghai lasting for more than three months.

At the "Shanghai University of TCM" and the "Research Institute of Acupuncture and Meridians" he could deepen his knowledge, mostly in private or individual tuition.

Both institutions are regarded as one of the most renowned addresses for TCM. They have even been selected as the centre of the World Health Organization (WHO) to research and support Chinese Medicine. There Thomas Warthe improved his knowledge in the fields of acupuncture, Tui Na, treatment with herbs and Qigong. For weeks he also took part in the daily work in the clinic and treated the patients there. Back in Germany Thomas Warthe now is active as non-medical practitioner independently.

Everybody interested in TCM or a treatment with TCM can contact Thomas Warthe under phone number: +49 2332 662197. Individual advice as well as house-calls are, of course, possible.
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