There are different styles and schools of Taijiquan. The most known are the Chen style, the old and the new Wu style, the Sun style and the Yang style.

In our school the Yang style is being taught. Besides the Chen style this style is the probably most common style in and out of China. The founder of this school, master Yang Lu Chan (1799 to 1872), learnt Taijiquan from master Chen Chang Xing (1771 to 1853) from the Chen school. Out of this Chen style he developed this new style, which was refined and newly structured by his grandson, Yang Cheng Fu (1883 to 1936). Characteristically for the Yang style are the slow, harmonic, soft and continuous movements.

IMG 2746

IMG 2535The beginners start with a short 10 step form of the Yang style and proceed with the well-known so called 24 step Beijing form. Later on follow other hand forms like the 40 step and 42 step competitions forms as well as different forms with weapons such as sabre, sword and fan. Besides these forms also Qigong and push-hands are practised.

More photos of the training can be found in the Gallery.
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