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As in every traditional Kung Fu school the Chinese lion dance is performed in China at all bigger festivities like weddings, anniversaries and openings of shops. Of course, the lion dance is also the opening for all Kung Fu arrangements - no matter if it is a performance or a championship.

loewentanz 1Two dancers each stick under an elaborate designed lion costume. The frontman moves the lion head and controls the facial play. Eyes and mouth are movable and they enable various frames of mind to be shown, e.g. curiosity, fear, amazement, daring, exhaustion and tiredness. The man behind him moves the body suitable to his frontman to let the movements look as harmonious as possible.

loewentanz 2During a dance the lion is confronted with a problem the he tries to solve. One theme of the lion dance often is the assignment to reach some food that he can only get by cleating some hurdles.

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When the lion has eaten the food he notices that it is holy and because of this he gets drunk until he finally spits out the food. Advanced lion dancers and professional teams of course take up very difficult challenges (e.g. acrobatics on 3 meters high lake dwellings) which require a special degree of body control and intensive training.

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In May 1987 the first corporate Kung Fu and Liondance event from the TKV (Traditioneller Kung Fu Verband = engl.:Traditional Kung FU Federation) took place in Gevelsberg.
The Team of Sifu Kai Uwe Pel performed some parts of the Qi Xing Tang Lang. The Teams from Sifu Seet Chor Tong and Sifu Frank Greinacher performed some parts of Hung Tao Choy Mei (Zhou Jia Quan).

Sifu Yeo Lian Hock from Singapore was the guest of honor for this event and he performed together with Sifu Frank Greinacher Liondance for the first time together in Germany.

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