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Vice President of the International Mak Gar Hung Choy Kung Fu Dragon Lion Dance Federation

ShiFualtSifu Frank Greinacher, born in 1959, moved with his parents in 1961 to Peekskill, New York and spent his first teenage years in the USA. After his parents broke up, he returned together with his mother and siblings to Germany.
Since his childhood, Frank Greinacher was very interested in martial arts, so that he began western boxing at the VFL Gevelsberg when he was thirteen. Thanks to his friend Wassili Papachristou, who unfortunately deceased at a very young age, he came in touch with the Asian martial art Tae Kwon Do at the same time.
Because Kung Fu was quite unkown in Germany at this time, it was a mere coincident that Sifu Frank Greinacher saw a performance of Master Seet Chor Thong in 1974, who presented the Tang Lang Quan for the first time. He was so fascinated, that he registered for training one week later.
In 1975 Seet Chor Thong stopped training for a short time to start to teach Hong Chuen a little later. In the meantime, Frank Greinacher learned the Mo Pai system (Mok Gar) from Horst Dieter Müller from march to september. When Seet Chor Thong returned to Singapore in 1977, his students were left on their own. Due to that Frank Greinacher saved money to travel to Singapore in 1979 to study further. Through intercession of Seet Chor Thong, Master Yeo Lian Hock, at that time head instructor of the Nia Kwang Pugilistic Assn., took over the martial arts education of him and had probably the biggest influence on Frank Greinacher's martial arts development. Back in Germany, Frank Greinacher and Ralf Ziegler founded the first Hung Choy (Zhou Jia Quan / Hong Cai Chow Gar Kuen) School in Gevelsberg.

kf sifu limchinkimFrom 1980 on, he taught (for three and a half years) in a gym (Athletic 2000) in the city of Siegen. In the same year, he invited Master Yeo Lian Hock, Master Seet Chor Thong and Master Heng Keng Huat to Germany. The performances during this visit were so successful that Frank Greinacher was able to pass the classes in Siegen in 1981 to Master Seet Chor Thong, who was, thanks to Frank Greinacher, able to stay in Germany. In 1982, Master Heng Keng Huat also came to Germany for two years where he taught at the "Nia Kwang Shaolin Hung Choy" school in Gevelsberg. In the following year, Sifu Frank Greinacher founded in Witten the "Nia Kwang Pugilistic Assn. Germany", which moved to Sprockhövel Haßlinghausen in 1985. In 1987, he and Qi Xing Tang Lang Master Kai Uwe Peel founded the "Traditionellen Kung Fu Verband" (Traditional Kung Fu Assn., T.K.V.), which is nowadays the biggest association for traditional Chinese martial arts in whole Germany. In 1988, Sifu Frank Greinacher had the great honour to be accepted as a direct student of Master Lim Chin Kim, the founder of the "Nia Kwang Pugilistic Assn. Singapore".
In 1992, the Nia Kwang Pugilistic Assn. and the Yahya Awal Dragondance troupe visited Gevelsberg for the first time. The TKV team (consisting of: Sifu Kai Uwe Peel, Sifu Andreas Garski, Sifu Gerhard Milbrat, Sifu Jan Silberstorf and Sifu Frank Greinacher) visited Singapore and Malaysia in return in 1994 to participate at several performances.
In 1995, Frank Greinacher travelled all over the world, beeing the first Non-Chinese who visited the tomb of the Zhou family, to promote the first international German championship in traditional Kung Fu. It was worth the effort, because masters from all over the world performed at that gala such as: Chan Pui, Hoy Lee and Mak Hin Fai from the USA, Chan Man Cheung from Hong Kong, Lim Chin Kim, Koh Kim Kok, Loh How Sun, Ek Eng Guan and Tan Soh Tin from Singapore, Chen Xiao Wang and Zhang Wan Fu from China and also Chua Hai Chin with the Yahya Awal Dragon Dance troupe from Malaysia; all in all more than fifty guests from overseas.
During conversations with Master Lee Kum Yuen from Singapore, who visited Gevelsberg in 1997 as well, an idea developed, to organize a pure Zhou Jia Quan (Chow Gar Kuen) world championship in Singapore, came true in 1999. Frank Greinacher was appointed as coordinator of the organizing committee for the European and American Zhou Jia (Chow Gar) schools. Regarding the medal count, the school from Gevelsberg achieved the first place.
The second Zhou Jia Quan (Chow Gar Kuen) world championship took place in Penang, Malaysia in 2001. Germany was represented by Eugen Helmut and Alexander Tschernjawski, who both won gold.
In 2000 the first open world championship in traditional Kung Fu and Liondance with over eighty guests (such as Zhou Jin Bo (Chow Kam Po) with his family from China) just at the gala took place.
As the proposed third Zhou Jia Quan world championship in Gevelsberg in 2003 had to be cancelled because of SARS (avian influenza), the world Zhou Jia meeting and performance was held in Gevelsberg instead in 2004. In 2006, another gala took place with a lot of international guests again.

kf sifufrankOn his search to his Kung Fu roots, he met Master Jacky Mak in 2003, the son of the legendary Master Mai Zhan Qing (Mak Chin Ching) (Student of Zhou Long (Chow Lung) and Wong Fei Hung (Huang Fei Hong)), the brother and teacher of Mai Zhi (Mak Chi). Mai Zhi (Mak Chi) was in turn the master of Master Lim Chin Kim. Owing to Master Jacky Mak, he also got to know Master Ho Fung Lok and Master Wong Shiu Fong, student of Master Mai Zhan Qing (Mak Chin Ching). Since then, they treat and support Frank Greinacher like a family member. This group spent a lot of time travelling around China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam in order to discover their roots.

Eugen Helmut and Dennis Höhne(both students of Frank Greinacher) being invited to the International Wu Shu Display in Singapore in 1999, which takes place every two years, proves that Master Frank Greinacher built up a reputation in Asia.
Master Jan Silberstorf and Master Derek Johnson (USA) were also allowed to perform there some years later thanks to Frank Greinacher.

In the meantime, the students of Sifu Frank Greinacher were not only successful in Kung Fu, where they excelled in international championships worldwide, but also in traditional lion and dragon dance. They scored third place in Dragondance as the only non-asian team in Fort Dickson, Malaysia in 2005, and eighth place in Liondance from eighteen teams thanks to the good relationship to Frank Greinacher's older Kung Fu brother Master Ek Eng Guan, who visits Germany on a regularly level and teaches them lion and dragondance.
Master They Chong Hong (a student of Master Mak Chi), in many ways mentor to Frank Greinacher, came to Germany in 2011 and was very proud, that the flame of Mak Gar Hung Choy is kept burning in Germany.
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