At all times also children are taught in traditional Kung Fu, likewise does the the SHAOLIN HUNG CHOY ASSN. do. Parents send their children to the Kung Fu schools not only for the education in martial arts but also, as part of the general educational background, because traditional values such as discipline, respect and sense of responsibility are also imparted.

hung kinderKung Fu is of immense appeal to the children, certainly also due to movies and other media. Often the idea of fighting is in the foreground. During the training, however, the children learn that Kung Fu is not only fighting but rather based on discipline and self-discipline, including following rules, respect for the teacher and instructors and thoughtfullness for the fellow students in order to avoid injuries and to keep up a certain maintenance of order during the lessons.

Nevertheless the children can enjoy their training and have fun. Appropriate to their age the children are tought the basics concerning flexibility and all other physical abilities as well as body control. Socialising with others of same age and responsible relations with fellow students will be learned.

Moreover parents appreciate that
  • existing aggressions will be reduced,
  • kinetic abilities as well as concentration will be trained and existing disorders are reduced bit by bit.
  • the Kung Fu training strengthens the self-confidence and the self-esteem of the children.

Children, boys and girls, can already attend the training starting from the age of 3 years. Come and visit us with your son and / or daughter to have a free trial practise. Here you will find the corresponding training schedule of the different Kung Fu groups, and here the overview of all offered training groups.

More photos of the children's training can be found in the Gallery
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