0cc9e53787In opposite to the western myth in which the dragon is more a threatening creature the Chinese dragon is regarded as a symbol of luck. But in both cultures the dragon is described as a creature with supernatural power. Probably the myth of dragons has its origin in the beginning of human being to explain nature forces and phenomena. In China the dragon dance is performed, developed and cultivated for more than 1.000 years. Particulary at Chinese New Year and any other festivities the dragon dance is shown. The dragon itself is made out of a wooden skeleton which is covered with cloth. The skeleton is connected with sticks wherewith the dragon is moved by the Kung Fu pupils. The cloth of the dragon is decorated with colours, mirrors and ornaments. Even the head of the dragon is a bamboo construction covered with some cloth. The lower jaw of the mouth is flexible and is therefore able to move up and down.

In the dragon dance itself the movements and actions demonstrate the hunt of the dragon for the perl of wisdom. This perl is carried in front of the dragon by another martial arts student.

The dragon dance is performed while a charasteristic drum and cymbel beat played by some musicians supports the chorereography.
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